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Wilma Nissen Case

Contact Detective Amy Stoner with any information in regards to this crime.  Detective Amy Stoner can be reached at (712) 472-8326 or via email at amy.stoner@lyoncountyia.com 

$10,000 Reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for the death of Wilma June Nissen, whose body was found on 10-4-78 in a roadside ditch near Lake Pahoja in Western Lyon County Iowa.  

*  Brown Hair

*  Blue Eyes

* 23 Years Old

* White Female

* 5' 4" in Height

* White Boots

* Green & Khaki Pants

* Silver & Gold Ring

* 110 - 120 Pounds

$10,000 REWARD

Wilma June Nissen was born to Charles Clarence Nissen and June Simmons Bradford in San Francisco on 10/18/54. Charles died in 1986. June married several times and had the last names of Cummings, Anderson, and Long prior to her death in 2003 in Magna, Utah.

Wilma lived with Marshall and Maxine Holte in Anaheim California in 1964 until 1966. In 1967 she lived with Vincent and Alice Haas in Seal Beach ,California.

In 1973 she married Donald Eugene Wellington and they lived in the Hollywood area. On 5/10/74 Wilma gave birth to Michael Pizzaro Jr in San Diego. On 12/12/74 Wilma gave birth to Donald Wellington Jr. In October 1975 Wilma was living with Robert Irvin and they lived in Bellflower California. They were married on 6/21/77. They had a child, Crystal Irvin Haas on 8/18/77. Early in 1978 Wilma left San Diego with Charles Inman Belt, and they lived in Atlanta Georgia.

On 10/4/78 her body was discovered southwest of the West Lyon School in Lyon County.

Wilma 1965, Age 11

Wilma 1973, Age 19